I Love You – Shanker Bakshi

You want people to love you right?

But can you tell me, when you look into the mirror, and before anyone say that you are looking handsome or gorgeous today, you says this to yourself?

I mean you want other people to love you, but how much you love yourself. Loving yourself is not a strange thing, and you shouldn’t avoid it (Trust me). If you are working very hard day and night, you are struggling to become a BIG man, if someone comes and ask you why are you doing all this much of labor, probably your answer would be, “Man am doing all this for my family, for my son, for my daughter or for my wife; but inside you, you know that you want for yourself, right? You want to gift it all to yourself.

But you can only do that if you love yourself.

You must say that you love yourself, at least once in a week. Let me ask you this straight, when did you last time said this to yourself. I probably know the answer.

If you ask me “I always say this to me, no matter what most of the guys I know says or what rest of the world says.”


  1. Hi Shanker,
    I like your new page, a really great photo of your self, (a little egotistical), but it sticks out good, a bit long to download page.

  2. I love this blog of yours. I just came up to a realization that we should value ourselves more than others value you..Thanks for your article !

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