My Love for Poetry Back Again

I remember, I wrote few poems while I was collage in late nineties. And then dropped the practice of it when stuck up in some other “projects” of life.

But during all these years, I wrote a few more whenever I got some time and mood, but yes it was always there in my mind and I always love reading to some great poetry and it gives me a kind of joy and pleasure. Ghalib and Gulzar both are my inspiration for reading and in writing. But my love for poetry came back to me when I downloaded this iPhone apps which is about Mirja Ghalib’s Shayari a couple of months back. It has some great shayari of Ghalib Saab in voice of great narrator Khalid Hameed.

I start writing again and now I am in completely love doing this almost everyday. My poems are in Hindi, So if you wish to read some of them then you can go straight to this site

Please do comment there if you like my efforts.


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